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Sometimes there has been a feeling that something is missing, and it is not necessarily more of the same kind of things but rather something in the inner life. Are there possibilities for a deeper inner life that is on a different level from most of modern life, a search for real self and the meaning of our life here on the earth? These and other related questions may be explored in an open exchange where people can share their questions with each other.

Upcoming Meetings

Public exchange June 14, 2023: online

What is missing?

…other than more of the small kinds of things that already fill our lives? Who is my real self, behind the mask of all the roles I play in life? What possibilities may exist beyond the ordinary things of life, and why are they only possibilities? What tools might exist for exploring these possibilities? Real questions such as these may find a response that resonates with the question and facilitates a further exploration and leads to a deeper question.

Welcome to the open online meeting on Wednesday June 14 at 18:00. You can get the meeting link and more info by sending an email to the address

Public exchange September, 2023: Open inquiry (Helsinki)


Past Meetings

  • Public exchange 2019: Open inquiry (Tampere, Helsinki, Turku)
  • Public exchange 2018: “What Is Missing?” (Helsinki)
  • Public exchange 2017: “Questions” (Helsinki, Turku)