Notes On Becoming

  • The Gurdjieff Society of Finland 2013
  • Paperback, 100 pages
  • Language: both Finnish and English

About the booklet

The notes in this small booklet are based on various talks in Helsinki, Finland, in 2002-2007, and particularly on a series of six public meetings at Rikhardinkatu Library in September-November 2007 on the general theme of The Possibility of Inner Development, with the six parts of these notes corresponding to the focus of those six meetings.

The context of much of the discussions was the system of ideas formulated by the Russian spiritual searcher and teacher Georg Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866?-1949), based on ancient teachings that he found during travels in central Asia and Egypt. But the material was presented in a way that it was not specifically tied to or limited by any specific system or tradition. Participants were encouraged to share whatever experiences, thoughts or questions they might have from any particular source, whether personal or based on things they had read.

The idea that, as we are, we are not complete, not who we might really be but only a shadow or possibility, is found throughout history in various forms. Becoming real, becoming our true selves, is a process. To speak or write about what the result might be is difficult at best, because we cannot know what it is until and unless we have experienced it directly for ourselves. These notes are therefore only a very rough sketch of certain aspects of the process of becoming. They are prepared with a wish that they may be of some help to those who have decided to enter into this process and to those who feel drawn in such a direction but have yet to decide whether to undertake the journey involved.

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